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Dental Crowns Riverview | Types of Dental Crowns To Choose From

If you want to restore your broken or cracked tooth, have something to anchor your dental bridge to, or cover a contorted or stained tooth, then dental crowns Riverview can be a great solution to that. They’re durable and you can choose which type of material you want your crown to be made of. What’s not to like about that? To help you decide which type of dental crown is suitable for you, here are some types of dental crowns you can choose from:

Porcelain or Ceramic Crowns

Porcelain crowns blend beautifully with the rest of your teeth. Its natural color makes it the perfect type of crown to restore your front teeth. This can also be a great choice for you if you’re allergic to metals. But porcelain crowns aren’t as durable as the porcelain-fused metal crowns.

Pressed Ceramic Crowns

Pressed ceramic dental crowns Riverview last longer than porcelain crowns. This is because pressed ceramic crowns have a solid inner core.

Metal Crowns

Common metals used in metal crowns are gold, chromium, nickel, and palladium. Metal crowns hardly chip or break which makes it the most durable type of crown. The only drawback about this choice is its metallic color, but it can be a good choice for restoring out-of-sight teeth.

All Resin Crowns

This type of dental crown is the least expensive compared to other crown types. But all-resin crowns are also prone to breaking if you’re not careful with it.

Looking for Dental Crowns Riverview?

It’s best to ask a dentist which type of dental crowns Riverview is suitable for you. If you’re looking for durable dental crowns, you can find it at Boyette Dental. At Boyette Dental, we are dedicated to helping our clients get beautiful smiles that last. If you want to experience what Boyette Dental Care is all about, then call us today or visit our website!

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