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Best Dentist in Riverview FL | Types of Dental Cleaning for Your Oral Needs

Did you know that there are areas in your mouth where brushing and flossing couldn’t reach? Those hard-to-reach areas can develop plaque and bacteria buildup which could result in various dental problems. That is why you need to see the best dentist in Riverview FL and get a bi-annual dental cleaning. But if you’re already suffering from an oral condition, here are the different types of dental cleaning for your oral needs:


If you have perfectly healthy teeth and gums, then this is the type of dental cleaning for you. Prophylaxis cleaning maintains your healthy teeth and gums, and prevent any plaque or tartar from building up. 

Gross Debridement

This type of cleaning is for you if you have gingivitis or periodontal disease. Gross debridement will remove all your plaque and calculus, which will help reduce gum swelling and bleeding. This is usually the first step before you can get further treatment.

Scale and Polish

Scale and Polish are usually done after a gross debridement cleaning. This is only applicable if you have moderate to serious gingivitis or initial periodontal disease. It is done to make sure that there is no calculus left under the gums and around the teeth.

Root Planing

If you’re suffering from mild to moderate periodontitis, then you will need to undergo root planing treatment. Root planing is also called deep cleaning, which will thoroughly clean the affected area- including the under the gums. The best dentist in Riverview will apply an antibiotic gel to the affected area to keep you from feeling anything during the procedure. This is done to help treat periodontal disease.

Looking for the Best Dentist in Riverview FL?

Most people who suffer from gum disease do not know they have it until they see the best dentist in Riverview FL. But by then, it has already advanced to something more serious. Have your teeth cleaned today at Boyette Dental to avoid losing them before it’s too late. At Boyette Dental, we are proud to offer a wide range of quality dental services at an affordable price for all our patients. Call us today for inquiries or visit our site!

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