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Have you lost a tooth but aren't sure if a dental implant is the right choice for you? Dr. Seth H. McDuffie, your Riverview, FL dentist, explains how you can benefit from dental implants.

Implants offer a long-lasting solution

Bridges or dentures fill the gap in your mouth, but these tooth replacement options must eventually be replaced. Because dental implants bond to the bone in your jaw, they'll probably never need to be replaced. An implant is placed in a small hole in your jawbone and functions as the roots of a artificial tooth. Although you won't see any obvious changes in your mouth after you receive the implant, it will gradually begin to fuse with your bone over the next several months. When this process is complete, your Ann Arbor dentist adds a crown that will replace your tooth above the gum line.

Dental implants help you maintain good oral and general health

Your teeth roots constantly exert pressure on your jawbone, providing the stimulation it needs to remain strong. Once a tooth is lost, the stimulation ends. Due to the lack of stimulation, the bone begins to weaken and recede. Eventually, you may notice facial sagging, particularly if you've lost several teeth. Because your dental implant replaces your roots, your jawbone is unaffected by the loss of your tooth.

Dental implants may also help you avoid cavities. When one tooth is extracted, nearby teeth overlap as they drift toward the gap in your mouth. It's difficult to clean cavity-causing plaque from overlapping areas. Unfortunately, if you can't remove plaque, tooth decay can occur. Thanks to your new dental implant, surrounding teeth will remain straight, strong and less likely to develop cavities.

Implants also make it much easier to thoroughly chew foods. If it's too difficult to chew after you lose a tooth, you may resort to swallowing foods whole. This habit can lead to gastrointestinal issues that can be avoided simply by choosing an implant.

Would you like to learn more about dental implants? Call Dr. McDuffie, your Riverview dentist, at (813) 741-0483 to find out if you are a good candidate for implants. Restore your smile with dental implants!

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