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A tan gives you a healthy glow – and also is the perfect complementary contrast to a white smile. You may not feel like smiling at all, though, if you have unsightly teeth stains. Fortunately, the Boyette Dental team can rid your smile of stains so you’ll feel proud to show off your teeth!

At our Riverview, FL office you’ll find several choices for smile beautification, including:

  • Professional Teeth Whitening
  • Tooth Bonding
  • Dental Veneers

The best way to determine which cosmetic solution will give you the best results is to visit us for a consultation. We’ll consider factors including the condition of your teeth, your overall oral health, your lifestyle, and your budget. Call today to schedule one.

In the meantime, read more here about your options.

Professional Whitening Eliminates Many Teeth Stains

If you’ve been disappointed with drugstore teeth whitening, we understand. In order to stay shelf stable, those products contain more “fillers” and less active ingredients than our professional whitening treatments. We offer both in-office whitening, for fast results, or use-at-home treatments that brighten your smile more gradually. We can make custom whitening trays for you that make it easy to achieve uniform coverage.

Still, not all teeth stains respond well to whitening. For instance the dentin inside your tooth may show through thin tooth enamel, which gives your teeth a yellowish or gray appearance. Enamel thins as you get older. It can also be affected by taking certain medications, dental injuries, or issues that occurred during early childhood. For situations where whitening won’t be effective, you can conceal the discoloration with bonding or veneers.

Cover Teeth Stains With Bonding or Veneers

Instead of removing teeth stains, you can hide them using a bonding treatment or dental veneers. Bonding involves Dr. McDuffie applying layers of tooth-colored resin (the same material used for dental fillings) to teeth, while treatment with veneers consists of applying custom-made dental restorations to the front surfaces of your teeth.

Both procedures can hide stubborn teeth stains as well as other flaws like chips, cracks, gaps, worn areas, and more. There are, however, some key differences in:

  • Longevity – You can typically expect veneers to last as least twice as long as bonding. The life span of either treatment will depend, in part, on where they are used in your mouth and your overall oral health.
  • Cost – Bonding is more affordable than veneers. Yet the lifetime cost may be less for veneers, given that they will last longer.
  • Versatility – Veneers can change the size, color, and shape of your teeth. Since they cover the entire front surface of your tooth, they can be used to hide a wider variety of flaws.
  • Treatment Time – Dr. McDuffie can typically complete a bonding treatment in one visit (depending on the number of teeth being treated) while a veneers procedure generally requires two or three appointments. You will also have to wait for your veneers to be made for you at an offsite dental lab.
  • Maintenance – Bonding isn’t as strong or as stain resistant as veneers. You’ll want to be more careful and follow best practices such as rinsing your mouth with water after consuming staining substances.

Unlike bonding, which simply involves adding material to your teeth, Dr. McDuffie will need to remove a bit of enamel to prepare teeth for veneers. Because of this, a veneers treatment isn’t reversible. You’ll likely always want to keep your treated teeth covered with veneers or another restoration like crowns.

With nearly 25 years in dentistry, Dr. McDuffie can help you determine which procedure will best suit your smile. Call today to schedule a consultation with him.


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