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Today is Presidents Day, which started as a commemoration of George Washington’s birthday.

In addition to being our first President under the Constitution, Washington famously had a set of false teeth.

Despite what many people believe, his fake teeth were not made of wood. When he was inaugurated, his dentures were made with the best materials available, including hippopotamus ivory.

Today, we have better replacement teeth options than Washington could have imagined. More importantly, you can get these new teeth for yourself. If you are missing teeth, we welcome you to get replacements at Boyette Dental so you can:

  • Have a natural-looking smile
  • Speak clearly without your teeth sliding around
  • Eat all the food that you love

To get started, call to make an appointment at our office in Riverview, FL.

Don’t Slip & Slide

To get new teeth that look and feel healthy and real, you need to start with a strong foundation. To build that foundation, you should start with dental implants.

Modern implants were developed in the 1960s. Innovations only made them even better.

Implants function as replacement roots for your new teeth. Your implants are held securely in place by your jawbone.

With implants, you can feel confident that your restorations will be secure as well. This also creates a direct connection between your jaw and your replacement teeth. As a result, you can eat anything you would like. This is good for your overall health as well since it allows you to eat a wide variety of food.

For people with traditional dentures, this is a common problem. Since dentures rest over your gums, they can slide around when you try to bite or chew certain foods. They also can move around when you talk, which can make it difficult to speak clearly and might be embarrassing.

By getting implants, you can feel confident that your replacement teeth won’t move around.

Keep Your Jaw Strong

While the benefits of getting implant-supported dentures may seem more apparent, implants can be equally valuable with crowns and bridges.

A missing tooth may seem harmless, but it can lead to more problems down the road. That gap in your smile can allow the remaining teeth to drift. This can change your bite. It also can increase your risk of losing more teeth.

You can stop the drifting with a dental bridge, but a traditional bridge is anchored to nearby teeth. This doesn’t stop the loss of bone tissue in your jaw, which over time can affect the teeth used to hold your bridge in place.

By getting an implant to support a crown (if you are missing one tooth) or a bridge (if you are missing multiple teeth), you can stop the drift and provide stimulation that keeps your jaw healthy and strong.

Enjoy a Complete Smile Again

You can revive your smile and restore your oral health when you get new teeth. Be sure to ask about dental implants when you do.

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